CE-HODOVO 1picturea 5 MW photovoltaic power plant

The first mayor photovoltaic power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Power Plant is located in Business Zone Hodovo, Stolac municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the surface of 100.000 m2.
Business Zone Hodovo, by the „Master Plan of Business Zone Hodovo“ brought by Stolac municipality, is located along the main road M17.3 „Masline-Buna“. Business Zone Hodovo is supplied by access roads, electricity, water and telecommunications.

picturegeneral layout of the power plant (left)

Important advantages of the project

  • High solar irradiation values, over 1.500 kWh/m2/y - positioned in the same solar irradiation zone as Split, Dubrovnik, etc.
  • No shadings by vegetation, constructions, terrain or any other
  • Plot is of rectangular shape allowing the most favorable arrangement of photovoltaic modules, inverters and other equipment and constructions
  • The Rectangular Plot is oriented in line with axis North-South and East-West, allowing the most favorable arrangement of photovoltaic modules
  • Business Zone Hodovo is located on a large plateau, allowing free and unhindered flow of the air
  • Existing distribution and transmission facilities of electrical energy network are in reasonable distance

Efforts made on the way of the project realization

  • Geodetic record of the plot location of the power plant has been made with the purpose to determine exact layout of the terrain both horizontal and vertical (3D).
  • Geological survey of the plot location of the power plant has been made with the purpose to determine characteristics of the ground, as well as to determine most favorable possibilities for foundation of supporting structure, both from technical and financial point of view.
  • Analysis of the transmission network in the area. By this Analysis CE Clean Energy BH d.o.o. got an insight in the situation of the electrical network and distribution in the area of Stolac, as well as directions for possible solutions for connection of the power plant to the transmission network.
  • pictureblock scheme of connection (left)

  • Analysis of climatic conditions and solar irradiation for the area of municipality Stolac. CE Clean Energy BH d.o.o. made a comprehensive analysis of climatic conditions and solar irradiation for the region.
  • Selection of the appropriate system components for the future power plant.
  • Creation of preliminary and main design of the power plant, including all design components, such as architecture, construction, static and power.
  • Study on connection of the power plant CE-Hodovo 1 to the distribution network.
  • Creation of study on environmental influence of the power plant.
  • Study/report on production/performances of the power plant.

Technical features of the power plant

the power plant CE-Hodovo 1 is consisted of following main components:

  • 20.736 crystaline photovoltaic modules a 240 W;
  • 6 central inverters a 800 kVA;
  • 3 power transformers to 35 kV grid;
  • a high quality supporting construction;
  • 30 string monitors;
  • a communication board;
  • picture

    Average solar irradiation per months in the region


    average production of the power plant per months

    7.150 MWh is the estimated avarage annual production during 25 year of utilization of the power plant

    All licenses awarded

    For the start of constructio of the power plant, as well as of the connection line and facility all necessayr licenses/permits have been awarded, among them most important:

  • Buidling Permit.
  • Environmental License
  • Power License - for connection to the transmission/distribution network
  • Power License - for construction of a power facility.
  • picture