What We Can Do

We can provide your company or your home a solution for increase of energy efficiency, resulting with significant reduction of energy consumption and related costs.
We are developing power plant and industrial projects that are based upon renewable energy sources such as waste, biomass, wind and sun.


Improving energy consumption

Improvement of energy consumption using new, reliable and proven technologies and solutions, which would result with swift return on investment as well as provide a long term stable solution.


Industrial power based upon renewable sources

So far renewable energy sources have been used mainly as stand alone commercial processes for production of electrical or thermal energy. However, using state of art technologies and solutions in industrial processes can significantly improve economics in all industrial sectors.


Energy projects based upon renewable sources

CE CLEAN ENERGY and its partner companies can deliver solution and technology for each branch of renewable energy sector, whether it is the wind, sun, biomass or any other.


Renewable energy for households

Special solutions based upon new technologies enables also individual households to plan its energy budget based upon increased yield and decreased time for return of investments.

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