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Optimizer is the latest invention in the field of energy efficiency improvement, which enables optimization of fuel consumption, resulting with up to 15% of reduction of consumption of different fossil fuels, such as: Natural Gas, Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesel, Biogas, Landfill and Sewage Gas.

Optimizer is officially funded by the German Ministry of Economics and Energy under the RD No. KA 3263702UMA


Biomass Conversion

Highly efficient production of electrical and thermal energy out of biomass and waste resources. Biomass from agriculture and forestry as well as from industrial processes, contain large amounts of thermally-viable energy. Use of this energy is, therefore, a sensible, environmentally friendly and carbon dioxide-neutral method of resource recovery.


Energy savings in industry

Heating processes are key production steps in industry. Successful introduction of energy-efficient heating to operating practices by means of new and innovative processes is expected not only to reduce the energy requirement and the costs, but also to lead to an optimization of product quality and production processes.


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